nEw modE (transcEndEnt)

by phil on Monday Nov 24, 2003 6:23 PM

I get into this descending stairwell Phil where nothing makes sense, where we have a neverending cycle of doubt, doubting doubt, doubting that etc..

why? why? (Transcendance, Transcendance, Transcendance)

super la-la land.

So given the human evolutionary psychological tenet that "rarely is anything maladaptive" what is the adaptation for me to get into these states where I get lost in the labyrinths of my mind?

It fits into the class of the "unbounded" activities of man; it helps release me from the chains of standard human dialog and thinking.

So how does the unbounded serve our DNA, our species, our phenotype? How does it serve persistence?

Well, a lot of mankind is embodied in this notion of transcendance, free will is meant to transcend our animal instincts, law to transcend our barbarism, spirituality to transcend the real world, relativism to transcend static perspective, science/technology to transcend nature.

So maybe I shouldn't feel so bad when I got on this ascetic journey of self-transcendence. Maybe a dose of transcendance, of surreal, of hypocrisy, of contradiction is mentally healthy for humans? (and maybe supressing it is even healthier, and maybe we shouldn't be healthy, aaaaah, there it goes again).

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