by phil on Thursday Nov 13, 2003 9:40 PM

idealismo.... it is a pickle no doubt about it. 3GB in the hand is better than 3GB tomorrow. After your hard drive is formatted, don't forget to take a shower. And by the way, your 2nd favorite band stinks, your 1st favorite band is my downloads folder, and everything else sounds like noise. By the way, when you find Thoreau, let me know and I'll show you a pond of chocolate. Don't choke, you might need to stretch before you make out. And speaking of making out, pucker up.

The red lights mean anxiety, the green lights mean think about tomorrow. After time has had her way about you, you may find a choice. Not talking about the choice between Pepsi or Coke, but more between Blond v. Brunette. I personally like Chrome, and your electric barbarella might like it too. Don't forget to change her gyros, just like you shouldn't forget to change your mind.

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