Pursuit of Passion == Pursuit of Narcissus?

by phil on Thursday Nov 6, 2003 8:49 PM

I've been on this "pursue passion" bent for about a year now (amazing, given that I was on a "pursue $" bent for the previous arc of my life)... but.. according to McLuhan, our media and technology are mere extended appendages of processes that we already do... i.e. the train extends the foot...

now, if your passions are projects that are manifestations of your identity, which in most cases they become, and you are inspired to do them because you "love them" then aren't you loving yourself?

Doesn't that leave you empty like the legend of Narcissism instructs us to believe?

Can anything you "do" and "love" not imply a love yourself? Maybe depends on whether the love of doing something is such because you feel good at the end of the day and stand proud of "what you have done."

I guess self-less love is what I'm reaching in the dark here for

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