Resistance and Choice Stream

by phil on Monday Nov 10, 2003 12:50 PM

Here is another mental foray of mine to create a unified personal system of DOING

It appears that choice occurs when you face internal resistance. Because internal resistance requires the most active intervention in order to move forward in a specific direction, if there is like 0 resistance, you will most-likely persure it regardless, why wouldn't you, unless you were acting against it, pursuing something.

Well, trumping against resistance is choice, if I pick the path of least resistance, well it's not like that necessarily, you move in the path of least resistanace because you fail to make a choice against it.

Anyways, there is a field of resistances, at times it's good to put in a control, at other times, you feel resistant to it and you don't.. same with the urge to pursue passion, and same with the urge to un-urge. Eliminating prodding will put you down the path of least resistance for sure

Pain and resistance are not the same thing. I didn't have much resistance (internally) when I hiked the colorado mountain, there are external resistance, struggle exercise, but really the resistance thatmatters is the one you feel inside, because the outside you don't feel it, your technology still doesn't feel for you, well if you destroy my car I will feel pain, but resistance and pain are different.

I may want to delete my mp3s, and it may hurt, but I'd still do it, i.e. resistance are like the gates that keep us from going in certain ways, resistance is in a way a guide, as well as are carrots.

Pain is not necessarily a guide, nor is pleasure, you can present a lot of pleasure or opportunity and I won't persure, but I will be moved.

there are things that accelerate in a certain direction and things that slow us down.

You can go against the things that slow you down, and you can not move upon a stimulus... I usually move regardless, prefering action to inaction, and I am an active, rather than passive person anyways.

so my instant and pre-instant can be mere suggestions.

At a higher level, there is choice, choice to fight barriers or not (to be active)

Yeah, ultimately things just get reduced down to understanding, not rules. You understand and then the action is elluminated.

So, what is my system then. My system is choice? what do I "do"

how does this apply. To be constantly aware, but even then to be constantly aware, you might want to be unaware. So how do you choose, of course there is no rule and life is an art.

Okay, well what are my choices then:
When there is no resistance, any of these are game:
- don't do anything
- invoke a control, but just do the current project, "invocations" are useless etc..
- surrender, or spit out the free... good for untying knots

^ rather, these are the modules I have to work with

then you cross-product it with a selection method, just consider how much resistance you have to any of these, and then make the pure arbitrartion (not pure, but hidden to me)

this is similar to what I'm doing now already, where I fucking go on a control binge, and then it stops, and then I go on an anti-system binge, and then it stops as well.

So what is my system, well I have "common" pre-instant tool, then there is an awareness of the efficacy of those tools, and then the subsequent question mark and poof out comes the result.

There is a difference though, the delta is that I throw out the ineffective tools, that I suggest another layer, one of awareness (how active am I?) (is there resistance? how does this tool relate to previoius experence) meta-meta-congition

wow, too many.

And then there is the broader set of other invocations, check your intuitions, ask for advice, be wise, etc.

even though that awareness can be subject to further resistance, in which case you could spin out of control, and that is the fun of life

you can't have total control. in the world of the mind, all action, all decisions that affect the mind also affect the decision making process, that's what operating at the root means.

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