by phil on Saturday Dec 20, 2003 9:13 AM

Welcome the return of the king (George). Saddam is in the spider hole with gollum, and we can now hail the new american paternalism. Go Ashcroft-Cheney-Bush-Bremer-Ridge-Rumsfeld-Santorum-DeLay--we can all thank the fellowship of the white-male baby boomers for keeping America safe. After 9/11 it's time for women to go back into the kitchen and bake a red alert cake for American pride, and their husbands, whose testosterone-endowed biceps mean safety. The Left is bad, remember? liberal is a bad word, don't you forget. liberal means anti-war, means wimp, means PC, means Kucinich, means radical, means feminization. The Constitution doesn't say ANYTHING about privacy. The Constitution is not a SUICIDE pact. Lest we all die in our own boiling simulacra. Psst, LOTR and the Matrix are all about Christian tales. Tales of burden and self-sacrifice to destroy evil "at all costs." But what about forgiveness? When will we be forgiven? Why is decisiveness an absolute good while as rational thinking a petty "intellectual" (read: leftist) activity? 2003, the year of Lying Liars. Good evening 2004.

Disclaimer: The views represented are not indicative of actual policy positions. But why do I need a disclaimer? Oh yeah, that's right, I'm afraid it's unpatriotic to dissent. oops. my bad.


hobbit said on February 16, 2004 1:44 PM:

I don't agree with you. It can't destroy anything that is strong enough. I think it's beautiful and we can learn something good from it.

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