First Attempt at .|Finding my Voice|.

by phil on Saturday Dec 27, 2003 5:05 AM
Progress Tracking

I love singing, I just kinda suck at it.

Anyways, I started tonight with a project I call, "Finding my voice"

In my fantasy world I'm some rocker/rapper/whatever, and so I think of what makes stars successful and incorporate it into my life (relevant or not)

An example is having a unique voice. My favorite singers, Gallagher (Oasis), Daltrey (The Who), Yorke (Radiohead), Molko (I think) (Placebo) all have distinct voices.

So, my goal, is to "find by voice." To experiment with different accents, cadences, whatever, and see which ones feel most like me, feel the most comfortable.

First jump report:

It's scary. I first wrote some song lyrics, and tried to sing them, but I found myself just singingy like singers that I love, mainly like gallagher or the guy from Filter. So I quit that, and then I tried reading outlout my blog, but in as relaxed a voice as possible. I then focused on parts of my voice that I thought were distinct, and amplified them. Like, sounding nasaly, or dropping words quickly, or prounouncing a's with like an ah.

After a while, then I started singing and soliloquoying around the house, and I was in a totally different voice--And I felt really comfortable in it! This was scary because everybody I knew, knew me in large by my voice. If I were to discover my true voice and that became my actual voice, ppl would be like WTF. Change is scary.

Anyways, I dreamt up some technological thingies I want to do to aid in this process. Like getting a microphone. But also like setting up a wiki and like recording bits and annotaning them like, "oh, I like how I strike my k's, or this is my most natural A" In addition, I would like to memorize the different characters for different pronounciations of the same letters. You see these like umlads over o's and what not when you look up words in the dictionary. I love learning new characters and shit (just like I love learning new HTML colors etc..)

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