by phil on Thursday Dec 4, 2003 4:38 PM


1 ONE WON --

You hear things like, oh, when you get older, like in your twenties you start to mature even more, make more compromises, have a more balanced view of yourself, and begin a long process of self-acceptance--as it becomes more difficult to change.

2 TWO TOO --

Then I post on my blog, how I've come up with a better analysis of myself, and how I've developed new techniques that will help me "unify" myself better, or learn to appeal to more faculties of myself, or "reason" on why it pays to not be so ascetic.

3 THREE.. summary.

the puzzle is, am I naturally picking up on these things because of 1, or am I genuinely discovering novel ground in 2, or a combination of both (most likely). Either way, I feel that I go through these "natural processes" with above average intensity. i.e. if go through a "rebellious phase" it's in a really intense way, filled with a colorful panorama of reasons, justifications, metaphors, and elaborate narratives. Makes life fun, I guess.

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