Rationalizing an Aversion to Flak

by phil on Sunday Dec 28, 2003 12:14 PM
Progress Tracking

If people give me flak, should I let myself feel irritated or shattered? There are people who just don't get a rats ass when people criticize them or show their displeasure toward them. They have much more freedom. Now I'm not talking about being uncompassionate, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

So then I asked myself, when is it useful to be averse to flak? Probably if you don't have enough motivation to be sensitive and caring to others, or if you don't care enough about social graces or being nice. In that case, having an aversion to people hating on you motivates you to be a more positive person.

If you are aleady socially comfortable and motivated to be a gentleman, then you don't need to be averse.

I find that I already care more than enough about how I am in social settings, so there is no "need" for be upset when people get upset at me or ridicule me. Since I'm trying my best already, whatever gripes people have with me, are their own problems.

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