Skin Sensing ++

by phil on Thursday Dec 25, 2003 4:14 PM
Progress Tracking

Summary: New Meditation Strategy Implemented -- Sit still, and then mentally travel from muscle groups to muscle group, consciously trying to relax the muscles one by one.

I spent three hours in Church for xmas in a foreign country and couldn't understand the lyrics to the sermon (it was in tagalog, phlippines tounge national). So, I decided to try this new meditation technique I heard.

The technique is about trying to relax the muscles of your body, one by one.

So I started with my pinky, and tried to visualize a connection with it, and tried to relieve the tension in that area. After about 10 seconds, this process seemed hopeless. "My pinky's already relaxed," I thought. 10 more seconds later, and it moved limp. It felt kind of weird, but nice. Like my finger had become jelly.

I then proceeded to mentally force relaxation onto the rest of my fingers and over my palm. Since it was easier to relax the muscles used for opening my hand, my palm started fluctuating from open to close rapidly. I could attribute this to the strong muscles for closing not having opposing resistance to keep my palm open.

Doing this process to my whole body made time fly. It also relaxed me and eased the pain of being in that hot, crowded, foreign church.

After this exercise, I felt more in touch with my body. How did I recognize this? Well, after I got bored of medtating, I started having sexual fantasies. And voila, fantasizing physical touch came with greater facility and intensity. I really felt I was somewhere else. The teleportation into my daydream was so full I felt scared that I was mistaking my virtual body for my physical body, and was moving around lasciviously in the pew.

No visible sin was executed on my part, fortunately. The experience was great.

I'm guessing that the process of focusing attention to individual muscles for a long period of time made the mental activation of my skin-sensors easier.

Who knows, there could be large neural tunnels to my muscles, laying domant, and waiting to be activated.

// The idea of becoming a lucid dreamer while awake sounded really nice. Like what if I could visualize something so well that my real-world vision becomes oclluded?

At least now I have something to work on when stuck in those situations.

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