Summary of Differences betwen Political Left and Political Right

by phil on Wednesday Dec 31, 2003 2:16 AM

Interesting Discussion about the Left v. Right political spectrum on Plastic

Regarding the role of the state in public life, the two sides might be considered to differ to a greater or lesser extent on whether the state should prioritize equality (left) or liberty (right); whether the government's involvement with the economy should be interventionist (left) or laissez-faire (right); and whether the government should be secular and separate itself from religious beliefs (left) or should take a stance of religious morality (right).

From a more basic philosophical standpoint, divisions can be noted in areas such as whether one embraces change (left) or prefers rigorous justification for change (right); whether one favors fair outcomes (left) versus fair processes (right); and whether human nature and society are malleable (left) or fixed (right).

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