The Watching Life

by phil on Friday Dec 12, 2003 11:45 PM

An Anonymous friend of Buck had these poetic words to say about living.

I'm watching a life. I think it's mine, but i can't philosophically tell. I'm randomly thinking dance moves, yet I've i can't quite grasp that concept of movement. Frazzlement comes to mind, along with astronauts, and I float to the floor. Among the clouds there are too many dryers and too few thoughts. "I am thinking it's a sign" that life, a broad and emotionless word, is too far away. "come down now, but we'll stay" It's grasping towards zero, but i'm sweating, yet they're tears of love. Phasing in and out, and in again, importance? I think, therefore I have the brain pathaway capable of transferring thought. Skyworks. Waterworks. Monopoly on psuedonyms. Categories of phrases, clips, and quantums of tripods. ZZzip, the longest baseline conquered by firings from an introspective pysche. Losing my metaphorical steam...

lucid words, lucid words

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