2003 NY Eve progressivo

by phil on Thursday Jan 1, 2004 12:52 AM
Progress Tracking

Progress today:
- made it to the finishing line with my mild cold
- read a little LOTR and tried to visualize with high resolution the scenes
- did a little practicing my new voice
- did typing with the TouchStream incorporating homerow, d, i, g, and p
- Sat down my position on various priorities in anticipation of lifestyle choices I'll be making this year RE graduation and jobs

Conclusion on Priorities...

Money is only important to me inasmuch as it gains me financial independence. Anyting more is superfluous

Pure pursuit of passion in absence of any practicality is not as good as a small dose of practicality. A little bit of "selling out" for one thing, can preserve your passions in the long-run and can heighten the desire of your passions.

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