2004 phirst days progressivoss

by phil on Thursday Jan 1, 2004 4:11 PM
Progress Tracking

- Told myself to not abuse phrases like, "can you stop worrying about this?" the problem is with the word can. Of course I CAN, many things are possible. But also its just a complaint. If I talk to myself, I should just ask me to do something. like "stop worrying about this, please" I know the can-question is also a request, but i don't want to make false statements or ask questions I already know the answers to.

- In deciding things, came to the idea of separating effects into primary effects and secondary effects. Like what will definitely happen because of this, and what may happen indirectly. Also, to suspend judgment about the goodness of something when discussing what will happen. Just list the consequences and effects, and then judge later what'll happen.

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