Anecdotal Inspiriational Story

by phil on Thursday Jan 22, 2004 11:30 AM
Me Me Me

It's the cold morning and I'm hungry, sleep-deprived, and behind in my homework. Plus, there's a sea of bike traffic by the Quad.

And then here comes a man trucking along with a bionic leg. His leg, from his torso down to his feet is a compound of glistening, metallic, pneumonic cylinders and rubber tendons. In addition, this man is holding a long, white cane with red tape on it. He is blind. He's waving the wand back and forth like a someone holding a metal detector. Surprisingly, he negotiates the traffic well, and even upon encountering a small staircase, he hops over it and continues unbridled. And that's what this man was: unbridled. He had his chest stout, his head straight, and an earnest, confident look on his face.

Upon seeing this I was stunned. To think, that here was a man that appeared to have suffered a major calamity, a bad car accident perhaps, and had the temerity to still stick it out at a tough university.

What I felt watching him was like someone was directly feeding endorphins into my head. It felt like the sun was coming out in London. And this was enough to set my day in positive motion.

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