Harsh Reality of 2004 for me

by phil on Tuesday Jan 6, 2004 4:01 AM
Me Me Me

With 2004 here, I now welcome the new harsher reality of my body. I'm 21 and with the passing of the new years, I can now say goodbye to my golden days of adolescent health. Before I could eat anything, I could sit in front of the computer forever, and it wouldn't matter, for my energy would make me into a biological incinerator.

Now, my waist size has expanded by three, my cheeks are heavier set, and I have small wrinkles on my forehead from lifting up by eyebrows too much.

On the one hand, I hate this over-attention to good looks and all the effort on healthy eating. On the other hand, I know that looking good does make you feel great. *sigh*

Hello 70 years of defending my body against nature.

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