I Love Meeting My Equals

by phil on Monday Feb 9, 2004 12:14 AM
systems, niching

What happens when you meet somebody who's similar to you?

I checked out Adam Greenfield's page and saw myself: there was a Nietzsche quote, there was some theory on technology's impact on society, and there were interesting mosaics of words to create pictures of deeper analysis. Plus, the guy has a diverse and coloful bio to boot.

While it's easy to get defensive in this situation, I enjoy discovering that somebody is already doing what I'm doing because it gives me a focus for my own further differentiation. I look at him and look at myself and think, "well then, what makes me different and unique, and how can I amplify that?"

Every time you run this algorithm on yourself you reach a new level of uniqueness. On that new mesa, you'll find other people overlapping you, and so you'll further differentiate yourself, and so on and so forth untila tahoetuhasonht eusantheu ahaaaah----u get the picture. Thanks Bob for the link

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