Phoetry: Ovearching Complexes

by phil on Thursday Feb 5, 2004 10:04 PM

Overarching complexes floating in space.

But space is here, and the Big Bang of technological explosion has closed all mind and space.

CO2 but we all see through this, let's do this. After the war is over, can we have a party?

I'm mouse clicking, speed surfing, sifting through the foils beneath the silicon surface. Blades and screens, and xerox machines. Nothing but cheese is oozing from this, super-sized AMD anthlon XP.

From this little machine by my right foot pumps the philosophistric mind candy to the masses. Or mini-masses. We bloggers are the mini-bosses, moving with the pen, oh whoops, keyboard. Taking out pages of bits in our table of wit.

Get with the program, jack yourself into the Matrix. Let's get on, with the spe-ci-fix.

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