Quick Networking Tip

by phil on Sunday Feb 29, 2004 9:59 PM
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Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist David Hornik offers his advice to networkers...

4. Be specific. When you are in the position of needing something, be very specific about what it is. I often meet people at functions who are between jobs and are looking for a position. "What do you do?" I ask. Most smart people answer with some form of "well, I've done a variety of things and am pretty flexible". Well, good -- next time I hear of a position where somebody says "well, I don't really care what the person I hire does, we'll figure it out when they arrive" I'll put them in touch. Others you meet are looking for something specific, and it is more likely to come up. A young woman I met at one event was finishing a marketing program and really wanted an entry level job in the area. That stuck in my head next time one of our companies needed to fill out its marketing department. She's now working full time there.

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