Dream Notes: Noah's Nookie straight-jackets me into my shirt

by phil on Saturday Mar 20, 2004 10:19 PM
lucid dreaming

I'm trying to improve my ability to recall dreams as a prerequisite to lucid dreaming.

The following note is from an afternoon nap where I dreamt an old acquaintance telling me about his new f**k-buddy he found in London.

I meet either indie Noah or raver Dayv. Noah's ichabod-like while Dayv is a snarky-runt. (1) Either way, I barely knew either of them, but had a sub-conscious enimity with them because neither of them would get close to me.

I find out Noah is commenting on my blog, which is surprising since he hates my guts.

Later he calls me from overseas, London perhaps, with some good news: he's seeing a hot aristocratic girl. The story alternates back and forth between being about love or just being friends with benefits. (2) The summary at the end is that it was friends with benefits, which makes me oddly relish in his happiness--usually I'm a jealous guy.

The phone conversation is tricky because for some reason I'm also trying to simulcast the conversation into my blog, which makes for a tangle for me to handle. I'm busy with my computer, trying to edit his comments on my blog, a cumbersom process which transforms int ome inserting psychadelic-colored excel rows. I also discover that there are easter eggs on my site, that if you click and drag you find big blocks of vertically oriented text that are invisible (3). The cumbersome continues and I end up like I'm in a straight-jacket with my red shirt. (4) I also have the phone upside-down, with the speaker at my ears--which doesn't make sense cuz otherwise he couldn't hear me.

A clicking sound emerges from the phone telling me that someone else is trying to call, and so I say goodbye to Noah. I press the phone's button and its my mom, dah. I don't want to speak to my mom, but anyways she can't hear me cuz the phone is still backwards. I press the clicker again so she can hear me (subconsciously I'm trying to end the conversation) Then she says, "Tell David we're going to eat at IHOP" tonight.

I then wake up to find myself really happy. It's not certain why I'm happy, maybe its the Mazzy Star that's in my playlist. Her song "Into Dust" is a soothing echo of a female's voice set to a light lyrical guitar, which is kind of how I felt upon waking up. My suspicion is that I'm either missing some juicy detail from the conversation with Noah or that I'm excited to eat at IHOP because I'm hungry. I could also just be stoked that I took a nap in the middle of the day and I have no finals no responsibility no nada. aah.

Footnotes as to potential real-life dream-generators:

(1) I just saw Good Will Hunting and Matt Damon looks like a combination of Dayve and Noah, arrogant, snarky, and white

(2) Also in Good Will Hunting, Matt Damon is divided over this girl. So take that image and layer on top Robin Williams image of a woman who was his "everything" and you get the back and forth above

(3) I do have easter eggs on my site and at one point this was possible. I also created excel blogs at one point.

(4) In the music video from Chemical Brother's "The Golden Path" the lead character is escaping into his shirt.

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