Dream Notes: Snowball Nihilism

by phil on Saturday Mar 20, 2004 10:05 PM
lucid dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is when you become aware that you're dreaming which then allows you to control what happens in those dreams. One of the strategies for becoming an expert in iniating lucid dreams is to become good at recalling dreams--you likely have lucid dreams but forget them! The Lucidity Institute's suggestion for this is to keep a dreamlog. Hence, hence, hence...

At around 3AM I woke up in the middle of the night, trying to make sure I didn't forget my latest dream. It was an uneventful dream, and by the time I finally woke up, the only detail I remembered was that I was waiting in line somewhere.

My next dream involved a lecture on nihilism while in the snow.

Upon arriving at the ski resort I find my minivan not suitable for the snow. Immediately it transforms into my mom's beige-golden Acura MDX, a more suitable vehicle. This is an SUV though, which makes me lament the environmental impact of the vehicle. (1) "screw it" I think. and then I keep on trucking.

The slope of the mountain leads to a plateau area on the right-hand side of the mountain. There are a few things arranged there like a village. I enter one building to check it out as a house (2). I'm in the business for real estate I think, and am impressed by this one for some reason.

I leave and go home, but then bring someone with me to find the place again. It takes us twice as long driving, and we end up in another house. We're in there chilling, and there is an Chinese lady with her HapA (3) kids. While we're appreciating the house and watching the kids I begin discussing nihilism. (4) At first I hesitate because I'm not sure the kids should be overhearing such depressing philosophies. So the scene repeats itself in a few instances with me either censoring my speech, or the mother scooting the children away, or everybody just happily going along.

I don't think I bought the cabin.

The third dream finds me in McDonald's with an Indian acquaintance (5). The McDonald's was rectangular shapped with a row of chairs on one side of the wall and the counter on the opposite, and we're sitting at a table across from the cash registers so that I can lean back and turn my head to see the menu. We are discussing the menu and my guest starts whining about how we sould've gone to a Mexican Restaurant which is supposedly a few blocks away from my house.

It's still snowing though, so there feels like some continuity.

// Footnotes from my waking life...

(1) On Thursday I was explaining to staiolz on the sin of driving a SUV
(2) I embarassed myself last Friday by suggesting that this friend of mine move to San Diego because the real estate is good. She laughed at me for assuming that she was that rich.
(3) HapA means half-asian half-wuteva. my HapA neighbor said he hated the Matrix because of Keanu Reeves. Since I'm a fan of the film, I was about to defend it by claiming he hated the Matrix because he had some latent jealousy of Keanu (also a HapA)
(4) I mentioned nihilism twice yesterday--and I didn't explain it
(5) I was hitting on this same acquaintance's ex-girlfriend last night booyah!

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