KoRn's censored anti-censorship single ''Y'all Want a Single'' remixed by angry Howard Stern

by phil on Saturday Mar 13, 2004 7:41 PM

Howard Stern, who was recently censored from Clear Channel, supposedly due to his anti-Bush material, has been raising hell by slamming the Bush family's ties to the radio aggregate. Stern's fury reached Salon.com which then sent a warning to Republicans that Howard Stern's Schwing Voters are the Left's "sleeping giant."

On another front, popular rock band KoRn has produced a video and song titled "Y'all Want a Single" that addresses artist frustration with pressure to produce formulaic drivel. The music industry was obviously unhappy with this commentary and so it has used its business connections to censor KoRn.

Howard Stern, now the new posterboy in anti-censorship, has risen to their defense with a remix of KoRn's song...

The mp3 is available as a BitTorrent here or alternatively on Philosophistry's server here. You can also preview the song by clicking on the word "sTeRn" at the top of this site.

Personal opinion: the remix is addictive. However, I suspect that anti-music industry ranting reflects a common internal-conflict of artists: an irresolution between their yearning for popularity and their aversion to "selling out." This is ironic since rock is largely the product of a music industry keen in the '50s, capitalizing on a fresh market for the uncultured ear and growing youth culture.

Combine this angst with the populist hatred of Big Business and the pervasiveness of "illegal" file-sharing and you've got a mass movement of hate toward the industry. I'm not a sympathizer for the music industry though, largely for the same aforementioned motivations.

Thanks, Peter!


Torrey Vogt said on March 30, 2004 6:37 AM:

hOOk A bRoTheR uP

Brian Russ said on April 1, 2004 9:00 AM:

i think that censorship is the worste thing to happen to music ever. it is stoping musicians from writing the kind of music that they love and that they want to play all for fear of being censored. if it was up to me i'd start a revolution agenst the corperate world, but they'd only censor that too.

Buddy said on May 11, 2004 9:57 AM:

censorship....this in my opinion was a long time comming, democracy works, untill someone capitalizes on another, compromise after compromise, democracy through this is failing and were now seeing it through the media. Enron failed, enegry coperations and big shots in other corperations, democracy is crumbling peice by peice. Communism fails, Dictatorship gets eleminated by democratic powers (such as the unitedstates and other super powers.)anarcy never works...will there ever be a medium for this government power to shut down and let the people run for the people. like when you have 1 coperation running 5 of the biggest tv channels, dont you think for 10 seconds that theres censorship, and its all under corperations running the media, telling us when we hear things and how we hear them, its not right, and its now a time to stand up for what you beleive is right, all in all, its time to take action.

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