Sensiti's Wavy, Ethereal, Colored Smoke Photography Will Commandeer Your Senses

by phil on Tuesday Mar 30, 2004 5:46 PM

See all twenty in Sensiti's "Colored Smoke Gallery"

The best art makes me wonder, what makes a particular image so compelling? Why did I evolve such a strong taste for this wavy, ethereal, colored smoke? Perhaps we evolved a sensitivity to "rarity" which motivates us to seek out novelty. Five million years ago, an enthusiasm for exploration was useful for the tribe and individual to learn and grow. Fast-forward to today and I don't think our DNA expected us to hyper-stimulate, on call, this rarity-attunment; thanks to the Internet, we are able to intensify traditional emotional processes, taking us to heaven-like extremes of hedonism.

This is how this passage of colored smoke makes a passage through me.

(Permission to use image granted by the artist)

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