Gain 1000D Vision: WebCams from Around the World

by phil on Tuesday Apr 13, 2004 5:46 PM
Human Extension

Visit EarthCam, where I recommend you try its World Map Interface to access the most extensive webcam aggregation that I have seen.

The history of evolution can be traced through the evolution of vision. It starts with one-dimensional vision of early chordates, or eel-like creatures in the ocean, who could detect the presence or lack thereof of light with bundles of nerves on one end of their tube-like bodies; this was about a billion years ago. Then 2D vision evolved in modern chordates 544 million years ago with eyebuds; 3D, stereoscopic vision evolved in predators; 4D vision came through via the development of consciousness or memory.

Humans, through intricate social networking, have developed 1000D vision. Twenty Homo sapiens standing in a circle around a tree can see it from all sides and share that information with each other. In addition, interaction with reconaissance humans returning to the tribe gives everyone vision of locations far and wide. The invention of microscopes and telescopes add scale as another dimension. The development of psychoanalysis, computer science, physics, and chemistry gives us a vision of processes that go on deep within the fabric of normal, physical presence. This webcam site is just another extension of that evolution.

Note: I found this site randomly through StumbleUpon, but you'd be surprised, what with all the Google glut out there, how hard it is TRY to search for a good index of webcams. I also credit Neil Robert Miller for his 1000D vision idea.


brandon said on April 13, 2004 9:41 PM:

if relating experience is another evolutionary step towards greater vision of the physical universe, what is storytelling? just wondering here.

Philip Dhingra said on April 13, 2004 10:34 PM:

storytelling is then access to the abstract emotional universe that is siumulated in the minds of emotion's primary constituent, humans?

I wonder what other universes have yet to be fabricated?

storytelling could also be another +1 to the dimensions of vision; for in stories you see the emotional souls of the individuals who created them.

brandon said on April 14, 2004 2:57 AM:

that's more or less what i was thinking.

it may be possible that the number of possible universes is infinite. this would bode well for the arts.

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