The Origin of the Universe (April 2004 Thinking)

by phil on Saturday Apr 24, 2004 4:16 PM
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Comprehending the origins of the universe is a matter of unhinging human fallacies in thinking.

Three fallacies: materality, existence, and time (cause/effect).

There is no such thing as matter, nothing exists, and the forward procession of events is just an illusion.

My theory on the origin of the universe is that it is one enumeration of an infinitely possible abstract enumerations of mathematical expressions.

The key to understanding the origin of the universe is in answering this question, "at some point something must have come from nothing"

Of course, if we abandon time, then this sentence doesn't make any sense. However, the important bit of understanding is that there must be something that is a priori. There has to be. There has to be something that is because it is, and not because of something else. Atoms are the way they are because of electrons, protons, and neutrons. And those are the way they are because of quarks and the like.

Although, it is possible that things are a certain way because of themselves; a self-referencing reality. Like quarks and planck lengths are that way because a butter fly flaps its wings. But that doesn't settle right. Why is it this self-referencing reality the way it is?

At some point something must have come from nothing. There has to be objects in the universe that are just there because they are there.

The only thing I know of to exist without precedence is the abstract. 1+1=2 exists and is true without needing something creating it. Actually, all abstract ideas are existenceless, materialess, and timeless, they can be pure a priori or the result of a priori initial instructions. (They are also, possibly, dimensionless?)

In this case, the universe could just be an abstract Turing Machine and we are abstract states that have the abstract capacity for observation and reception as illustrated by further abstract states.

Cf: My Fight Club metaphor for the Turiginity of the Universe; Digital Philosophy; The Metaphysics Research Lab.


jay said on April 24, 2004 4:24 PM:

You know I'd say... God created the universe because He is timeless. That is the problem with us we keep thinking of time.. Something must have existed before something.. Universe if Infinite progression.

- from Hindu Thought

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