I'm blogging, I swear

by phil on Thursday May 13, 2004 7:21 PM

I haven't updated Philosophistry in a week, but don't let that fool you.

I've been heavily active on my mind blog, on my LinkBlog (1) and (2), and now my self-programming diaries. (to keep track of all these blogs at the same time, visit the Philosophistry Portal)

It seems I have a sort of fixed blogging attention-span, such that the more I throw into other blogging services such as MindSay or Blogger, the less attention I put into other ones, like this one.

I also am finding much difurcation in my blogging habits. There is this desire to keep on setting up blogs for different interests with different formats, audiences, and mediums. It's like I'm constantly adding tentacles to my existence on the web. Like when I noticed I was spending a lot of my mindblog talking about my personal self-help, I decided to separate into the self-programming diaries.

Either way, it's fun. Blogging has taken my writing skills to the next level and I'm a much more effective communicator than a year ago. I've since found my writing assignments in school to be child's play.

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