My Future Plans

by phil on Friday Jun 11, 2004 10:56 AM

Now that I'm graduated from college, here is what I want to do with myself:

- be an existentialist poet that meditates into the horizons of the global consciousness

- become a man of letters and explore the diversity of ontologies of mind that exist out there

- study primates in madagascar, while being an internet DJ broadcasting music specifically designed for the neo-sapiens.

- roll into the desert with a satellite internet connection, find a virtual job, and live out of my minivan, exploring this Great Land of ours

- buy a van and outfit it with a cooking grill, and then just go around the country feeding the poor with good dining

The idealist in me gains a sense of serenity knowing that I'm on the edge of what is possible. On some level, a 50/50 chance of success is a prerequisite for a project to be gratifying. If something is a shoe-in, then it will only make me happy in degrees. But if my goal is as likely to be reached as it is to not be reached, then that gets me going.

We'll see. I told myself I won't start thinking about my future until the end of this month. After all the procession and vacation that comes with graduating has transpired, I will take a breather, and then figure things out.

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