Favor to ask: help me with my flash and web design business!

by phil on Wednesday Jul 14, 2004 12:07 PM

Dear Philosophists,

I have a small favor to ask.

I'm starting up my flash and web design business Nuclear Elements again, and I need help finding clients. The type of work that I do is top-notch flash animation, like this go2 flash demo.

I can also do e-commerce, actionscripting, HTML, photoshopping, you name it.

If you know anybody that would be interested in hiring me as a freelancer, please send them to nuclearelements.com or have them drop me an e-mail. I work either hourly or per-contract (preferred), and I am based in either Palo Alto or San Diego.

Now that I've graduated from college, I want to fund my passions in writing (I'm working on some short-stories and novels). So help me not be a "starving artist" by referring me flash and web design work!

- Philip Dhingra

PS: I am also offering my services as a freelance writer for the Internet. Too often do I run across a website with text that does not sell. The text is usually along the lines of, "We provide scalable, e-platform initiatives for the global marketplace integration b2b suites backend." Many corporate websites remind me of the infamous web economy bullshit generator. So if you know of any corporations that are suffering from textual pollution, please send them my way!


rob said on July 20, 2004 3:57 AM:

Awesome news Phil! I'm happy to see you getting back into web design, it's perfect for you. I'll be sure to pass along some business to you if I come across anything. Keep in touch!

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