Mix my Meshy Mind, Mandy More Mint! Me Me Me

by phil on Thursday Jul 8, 2004 2:00 AM

Below is my quote un-quote Dadaist insightful freewrite of mine.

write or wrong, why do they both start with dubya. Dubya started with nothing and still has nothing. Jesus, couldn't someone have at least taught the airhead to speak. elocution is probably just a 6-week course somewhere.

Anyways, so facing the current rubberband, the matchstick men want to cavort and saunter over the mickey mouse fallow. Tilling fields has never been the right aside, nor has taking tokens for rides.

I shake my head, every once in a while, like man, why did I shudder. My shutters are sometimes blinders, and often I wonder, what it must be like to be split asunder. The CIA would spell it usunder, like usama bin laden. I like how FOXNews shakes it up, sometimes saying usama or osama, or al-qaeida, or al-qaeda, etc.

Bill O'Reilly, that, well, whatever.

Enough about the phox, the phox box. That's what it really is, just one big loud box.

okay, enough. fascism, that's an interesting word. worldly thing, this fascism is. That fascism is fashion.

L'Existentialisme est un Humanise or something, or J'Accuse, or Le Monde.

Add to that..

L'Fascise est un Fashionise.

Archdiocese, die old please. Please, i can't understand why there must be so much banging around here. I hear you but not listening to you. I think flirting is important. I I I. why is everything about me me me.

If it feels good do it. Sure. Don't be ascetic earning man.

It takes one to know one, but sawing two halves in three can carry you to the whatever.

Yeah, whatever. Dada in Idaho. I like that description of Napoleon Dynamite. His brother's name is Kip.

This is not quite freeassociative randomness, as I am straying from certain topics, like serious prose. But, back to your regularly scheduled pseudo-randomness.

Oh yeah, on free will.

1) If all that exists is the past, and you didn't choose the initial conditions, how can you have free will?

2) No seed chooses where it is planted.

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