Wallpaper Nirvana, Cupid, Venus, Oh baby

by phil on Thursday Jul 22, 2004 11:58 PM
lovish stuff, personal digital art

For various reasons I don't want to intimate too clearly, but cleverly veiled I'll describe my current situation.

I'm under the influence of things that would traditionally be colored pink and red. Various forces that are occasionally described as being pierced by arrows have entered my general emotional vicinity. About, above, across, after, against, along amid among, these feelings are prepositioning certain aspects of aesthetic acuity which is bringing forward some good graphical karma.

And so, this is the mandala - leviathan - cupid - venus - apple pastiche of a situation that I've concocted via avenues of Photoshop hedonism. Click here to download the full (400K).

(Thank you Jimi Hendrix and _________, it's all rock n' roll AND apples here)


Ed said on July 23, 2004 8:40 PM:

To the "person" who said to me when I asked about a possible Lord Of The Rings opera: "Lord Of The Rings opera. Are you stupid?" No I'm not stupid. You're the one who'se stupid. All I did was ask an honest and sincere question, and that's something you seem to be against.

With all of the different things out today, they're making operas out of just about everything that they can, so why should a Lord Of The Rings opera be any different?

Wagner and Tolkien, as everyone knows, were 2 different people. Wagner had alot of Hitler's ideas. Wagner (whether he intended it or not)was the one who egged on an already inflamed madman like Hitler. The Nazis were influenced by things in Wagner's music. Tolkien never did this. Wagner wasn't a Christian. But Tolkien was a Christian beliver.

It may take a few more times of listening to the ring cycle before really getting to know it, but I do know this. The Lord Of The Rings was a story about the fight between good and evil. It is one of the few movies out (and the book too) where evil loses and good wins. And a book, movie, and even an opera that does this is a rare thing today. So don't condem someone who doesn't think like you or have the same opera taste as you do. None of us are perfect.

I wonder what you would say or do if someone would mention a Harry Potter opera or a Star Trek opera (and I did read an article long ago where someone did mention a possible Star Trek opera).

So let opera be opera and Wagner's ring and Tolkien's rings be rings.

hengfu said on July 24, 2004 8:23 PM:

sweet man, the first time I read this entry I wasn't sure what the rhythm was, you know what I'm saying? it's got sweet feel to it, you just got to hit it right on the head. fortunately I'm drunk as a bat right now and everything just seems to make sense. this entry makes sense, this image makes sense. it makes me want to rip my brain right out of my skull and spit on it. I guess after living in europe for so long that kind of stuff just happens.

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