Papering over life, Part I

by phil on Saturday Aug 7, 2004 12:07 PM

Started the week stressed! Damn! Okay, here's whatama do. I'm going to tear up pieces of WIRED Magazine into shreds. Yes. That will relieve stress.

As it turns out I've done this before.


Tearing sheets of paper works!

If my worries were represented by the fibers of the carpet, the little shreds are drying up the wet stress. You know how when a dizzy brat barfs at Disneyland, the crews come over and clean by covering with sawdust. The fine pieces become an ultra-porous surface that absorbs the spill.

The shred-pile grows into a live culture. See, initially, the pile started out as a council of 200 half-sheets and full-sheets. As the week's stress piled on, the papers, divided they did, and into a monstrous bacteria they became.
Pick up a sheet.
One becomes two.

A splitting sheet for a splitting headache, every forks into children smaller. The pile becomes finer-grade, and yet it increases in quantity. Destruction and growth, entropy and extropy, all in synchronicity.

As I saunter down the soil of my brown carpet, I encounter this dynamite exploding confetti. And it's only one magazine!

I fish my hands into my pockets, fish out a receipt.
Rip it up.
Rend it to the pile.

If I receive junk mail, I jaw my hands through the jowls of the envelope, and jerk the innards out onto the pile. Into the pile. Into the pile. Sacrifice the kipple of this Earth into the pile and let it burn your worries away.

What will become of the pile? What is your pile? How do you paper over your problems?

You better preemptively tear the sheets before they split you up!

to be continued: Dadaist poetry and population isomorphisms


clementine said on August 11, 2004 2:22 AM:

more dada poetry as well as other great sound pieces:

enjoy and keep up the good works:)


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