by phil on Tuesday Aug 17, 2004 12:40 AM

Hmm, what would it be like to flood my site with pix? The 56K modem ppl will get mad at me. pooey.

See, like, I was going to make thumbnails, and do a gallery thing, but then I thought flooding my blog with pix was just so much better. It would be like, a pseudo-F.U. like my extreme-pixel-area old design.

Anyways, this was my time at the beach this weekend with my girl.

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and how about, I really mess things up for good measure

This image is a megapixel high (1 million pixels). The following is a million pixels wide

This is the original.

(UPDATE: eh, I don't like this way this stop normal access to my site, but I'll keep it up for 24 hours ... let the meme percolate, imprint a little, make me itch throughout the day ... and withdraw it. A different kind of blog, an anti-blog, wherein you post and then delete. A whiteboard. Then blogging becomes more like a concert, and ppl will say, "you had to be there.." because right now, you don't have to be "there" to witness blogging, but hey, maybe, yeah, we'll see.)

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