Thimple Thoughts from Un-Thimple Minds

by phil on Sunday Aug 29, 2004 2:05 PM

the comedy of infinite sadness

the punctilio of tryptamine

punctuated equilibrium, is just another old white man's dream of beating Darwin.

patricide is the soft genocide resulting from mass twentysomething angst

punch-drunk love is subconsciously sober

incontrovertible evidence suggests that introverts have all the real parties.

the silent conspirational spying eyes.

the dance goes on in his/her imagination.

while as the extroverts' goes on outside the body, in the liquid of hands, hips, and hellos.

the heliosphere combines the heat of hell and the sweet of heaven concept.

mafiosos wear chains with christ on their necks to form a resigned halo that is choking them with guilt.

preface your pre-face with good intentionality if you desire to let your neurons do your bidding's will.

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