by phil on Tuesday Sep 21, 2004 4:59 PM

PhilDhingr: ATM. At the moment.
PhilDhingr: In this particular moment, my headphones are on too loud.
PhilDhingr: In this particular moment, you, the primate-cum-computer is processing these words.
PhilDhingr: At this moment, everything could collapse, but it doesn't.
PhilDhingr: The now is in such a rush to become the past.
PhilDhingr: History is a wheel.
PhilDhingr: Boethius.

In other news

A survey conducted in Israel suggests placebo use among doctors and other health care professionals is running at about 60 percent. And in most cases, patients are told they are taking real medication.

Isn't that a trip?

Imagine, if 60% of what you said were lies? Time and the rest of the universe is lying to us right now. Or maybe the neurons are our placebo-dispensers.

These kids shoudn't be called doctors, they should be called placebo-ists.

But they cure right? they do the job? it gets the job done. The lie, the deception. Time decieves us, and it gets the job done. We have no time and so we work. We have free time, and so we play. Good enough for you and me, right?

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