don't question my authority

by phil on Monday Nov 29, 2004 9:11 PM

This has to be continued on a separate page otherwise it ruins my front-page


thom yorke.

I wonder what it means when I put things into my blog that are intended to destroy it

It's like the following desires to...
- knock one of your speakers down
- write a thank you note in backwards cursive
- brush only one side of your teeth
- order your bookshelf based on length of title
- name your child "mcvllooo"
- kroth mkrl jomet lroeun enu uth no nk'lo
- make a jackson polluck using only saliva

Note, this image is a special telekinetic interactive piece. If you move your mouse over various parts of thom's face, you should feel a faint feeling on your own face.

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