Hipster Bingo

by phil on Tuesday Dec 14, 2004 11:17 AM

On the end of main street in Palo Alto there's an area of benches with bums during the day and hipsters at night. It's stocked with doughnut benches with trees in the middle and a public toll-bathroom that nobody uses. There is also a column of straight benches, strategically placed for people watching. On a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night, you can see precisely this kind of Hipster inventory of fashion and social relations. Most are probably from Palo Alto High School "Paly".

What do they do? Every time I see at least one person playing hacky sack (Hacky sack used to be this hippy thing of kicking a knitted bag of beans without letting it drop to the floor). Another common thing is seeing the coolest ways to hold a cigarette. If you're a girl with highlights and spikes in your hair that dangle like palm trees ... then by tilting your head while crouching, and craning a cigarette onto and away from your lips, you can look very chic!

For those from around here, the place is Lytton Plaza, by Pizza-my-heart (where the old Burger King used to be), at the end of University Ave. closest to El Camino.

Hipster bingo pict found here

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