San Diego men at a Charger's (football) game.

by phil on Monday Jan 3, 2005 1:05 AM

Do you people watch?

Take a white man with pinkish white skin, or a Mexican man with tan skin, and then baste him in the Southern California sun. The resulting color is salmon-orange, the predominant skin color in San Diego.

San Diego men at Charger's games have ovular builds. The oval spans from one elbow to the other, passing through the back, forming a St. Louis Gateway Arch. The arch is the combination of fat and muscle. The muscle gives the arch its body while the fat smooths it out. This shape comes from working out and drinking beer perhaps.

These men don't necessarily have double chins. However, the fat underneath their chins make nice smooth hills for the usual stubble.

I notice their eyes surrounded by fatty folds and are slightly squinted. This could be the result of being habitually outdoors or tending to a Sunday morning hangover. The combined expression says, "get out of my face, I do hard things."

Their mouths are partially open.

These Charger's fans walk inflexibly as well. Their legs march forward, but their upper-body-arch waddles, rendering foreams that just dangle. This gait reminds me of going to the gym and being sore the next day.

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