The Sisyphus of My Sleep

by phil on Saturday Jan 1, 2005 2:50 PM
awesome dream log

I had the most horrible nightmare. It was beautiful.

In the dream, I ran up to people I knew and yelled into their face their worst traits.

"You think you're so special!"

"Your jokes aren't funny!"

Because of the provocation, I also physically attacked my targets to avoid retribution. So I shoved the narcissist over the banister. Or I socked the toad in the stomach.

But then my victims became my assailants. They leaped over fallen couches and negotiated through cornfields in order to pound my face into the mud.

The attackers never quite finished me off, so I lived to reveal another nasty trait, only to be beaten again.

I tried to wake from this horrifice, but never could.

The dream droned into such a long hellish cycle that I naturally started to accept my fate. Acceptance changed nothing, however, as I still tried to escape, albeit half-heartedly. By this point, the cycle became theatre and I started to enjoy it.

But eventually, the real nightmare began. The vibration and synthesized ringer from my cellphone woke me up for real. A friend had called me, and I thought of yelling his bad trait into the phone. Instead, I kept the conversation curt as I yearned to return back to my dream. But I knew such a thing was useless.

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