Philosophistry's 3rd Song - Grey Seal Remix

by phil on Thursday Feb 24, 2005 3:49 AM

So I've been playing with Garbage Band on my new Mac Mini. It's pretty nifty. Sure, these kind of programs exist for PC, at least the advanced versions of them. But there's a different communion between a mac and its user. Yeah, that's a pretty loaded statement. Watch out, I might become evangelical about macs, as my friend suspects.

This is a remix of Elton John's "Grey Seal."

To most listeners, my song will sound like a CD skipping nightmare.

To me, it represents how this song is stored in my head: as fragments.

That's one way to sophisticate it.

Marchel Duchamp's Fountain kicked-off post-modern Appropriationism, and remixing is very much an extension of that.

Just listen. Rip. Mix. Burn. Go buy an iPod you metrosexual PoMo sedaris-wannabe.

UPDATE: Slate just compared rappers to bloggers. I buy that. Perhaps the assesment, though, is not so bad. Going back to Duchamp, his urinal was in some ways a statement that "art is dead, long live the remix." The Mannerists of the late 1500s were similar as well. In the wake of the grand masters of the Renaissance, their only recourse was creative re-interpretation. Long live Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V!

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