Nervous Laughter and Loser Chic

by phil on Monday Feb 14, 2005 9:38 PM

Valentine's Day is a mass crazy-giggle.

Anyway, when I encounter the sordid march of singles down main street on Valentine's Day, I remind myself of people even more pissed off: Indian hardliners vow to disrupt Valentine's Day.

I was listening to Jimi Hendrix in the car, and thought to myself, man, blues is good. I wish I could sing and was a crazy guitarist. If I made an album today, this is what the track listing would be:

  1. hooking up seemed like a good idea
  2. aimless again
  3. alone on valentine's day*
  4. chinese take-out again
  5. laundry and taxes
  6. sleeping-in carpe diem
  7. dinner method acting
  8. you have no new messages*
  9. it's my parent's car, I know
  10. ridiculous rent
  11. oh, it's SkyMiles!**

* asterix denotes singles
** recently contributed by Ian Spiro

My friend was commenting about all the depressing away messages on IM today. My other friend told me she was going to have dinner at TGIF with her girlfriends, but she then immediately added it's not an anti-valentine's day dinner. oh boy.

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