Garden Of Eden - w4mw - 29

by phil on Friday Mar 11, 2005 6:57 PM

since my blog has been kind of dead lately, I thought I'd post this thing I discovered on craigslist.

Aloha Good Day to you friends. I am a young educated sexy horticulturists seeking other plant loving folk to share & play with. I love to ID plants, climb trees, talk soils make love in nature. I am a serious fairy of light. I want to love & play in nature, outside, camping, hiking, lakes, beaches, rivers & streams. I am 420 smoker only and I am deeply spiritual too. I am extremeley sex positive & want affection, sex & love. I am Reiki Master to & love to trade energy work & massage. I am extremeley open minded. I am open to gender and ever enjoy some group activity. I am very attractive and clean/safe. I am thin rainbow-burner -jamband -hippie-goth-punkey-sister, I like S&M. Please reply with bday I am Pisces and send a recent decent picture showing eyes, I will rely asap.I am only interested in someone into plants!!! With love & light! Luck to us all!!! Namaste~

this reminds me of this new word of the day that I like:

fey \FAY\, adjective:
1. Possessing or displaying a strange and otherworldly aspect or quality; magical or fairylike; elfin.
2. Having power to see into the future; visionary; clairvoyant.
3. Appearing slightly crazy, as if under a spell; touched.

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