google, is communism that bad?

by phil on Saturday Mar 26, 2005 3:33 PM

all the greatness individuals have. This is undeniable, for communism to work the individual must be made into nothing more then a piece of the mass. Humans are not compatable with this idea, we are not meant to be as talented in all fields. Thats the way things are and they should be. Eliminating the variance in talent is a strike at the individual and their will. People with more talent will obviously demand more and the communist system cannot handle that.
So what would this supposed Utopia look like? It would be a world populted with un-unique creatures barely resembling humans. Sure everyone would be equal and share everything, but they would have no ambitions or individual wills to speak of. Essentially we would be walking golems, lacking distinction and a soul. Is this paradise? Answer me that and then defend communism to me "in theory". If you wish to sacrifice yourself to become an automoton be my guest, but I for one would rather die fighting then become a slave of the fa

ndividuality was so hindered by communism why is it that Russia for ex has many many successful artists, singers and sports people, all who have managed to express their individuality despite of what you claim? The equality in pay meant that you could more freely choose your occupation. If you chose to become a rockstar you wouldn't have to worry that you would have to starve because of unguaranteed income you would just go and work on what you love knowing that you will always have food and a roof over your head. In a way it freed people to follow their dreams. There were flaws in comm


Christophe said on March 28, 2005 7:44 AM:

Yeah authoritarian communism is bad. If it's gonna come about it has not to be forced by the state or any other group

Meridian said on August 17, 2005 6:43 AM:


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