does my 1000 WPM absolve me of failing to understand Sarte's Being and Nothingness?

by phil on Sunday Apr 17, 2005 11:26 PM

modern thought has eralized considerbale progress by reducing teh existent to a series of appearances which manifest it. it's aim was to overcome a certain number of dualisms which have embarasssed philosophy and to replace them by the monism of the phenomenon, has the attempt been successful? in the first place we certainly thus get rid of that dulasim which is the existent opposes interior to exterior. there is no longer an exterior for the existent if one meaens by that a superficial covering which hides from sight the true nature of the object. and this true nature in turn, if it is to be the secret reality of the thing which one can have a presentimient of or which one can suppose but can never raehc because ti is the "interior of the object under considerationn-- this nature no longer exists. the appearances which manifest the existent are neither interior nor exterior; they are all equal, they all refer to other appearances, and none of them is privileged,. force, i.e., is not a metaphysical conatus of an unknown kind which hides behind its effects (accelerations, deviations, etc.); it is the totality of these effects. similarly ...

the moral of the story is I wish I was a philosophy major in college sometimes. to the capitalists, the major is so absurdly meaningless, to the artists, its the stuff for heroes, either way it's unboring.

unboring,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the meaning of my life.

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