fsck these ponies (I AM A SEXY NEO-MODERNIST!)

by phil on Saturday Apr 16, 2005 10:19 AM

sojoo taped over lit cheeze, slinking over carnage.

corn sled gill shake, misty moot, offering.

slow can horn fort, mashed fate oleander grimace

jam n' jelly moxy cool kiss lord. mini gook. mortified by swordish pride. shook rendered hammer stein jew rites, yellow tarpan kin. urdu intro schematics. fortified contours, enslaving polish sausage captains.

misty sheets of great boomerangs. slow-fried, under-served, rotten shapes, misplaced hate.

fantasy white, underwear tide crawlers.

office kickshin, yell like the prim pony. pink labia, stoney glory. inside horny, outside phony. underbelly riptide, finnish wake, gum-drop snake. cancerous ladel off kilter stable. prodigous agony, introspective causality.

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