Lame Review of Sin City

by phil on Friday Apr 8, 2005 6:20 AM

Hey Blogfans! I just saw Sin City. It was fabulous. blah blah blah, Frank Miller changed the world with his Dark Knight series where he made Batman dark, and mysterious, and then everybody copied him, and then everybody tried to hire him, but noooooo, he's too cool to sell out to Hollywood, like he did last time, and so now, he's working with cool guys, Robert Rodriguez.

And, like, it was awesome. Very violent, yes, but like, it just rocked, the darkness, was so dark, and all the rain, it was white, it was chilling. I mean, come on, BDSM Strippers and Hookers with guns! rawk! and Yellow Bastard getting pulverized! RAWK!

Oh yeah, Mickey Rourke, ROWK!

And Frodo, that's FRODO, how did he do it, so kewl.


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