mckenna echo this is what i here, hear hear hear, sonanananambulist

by phil on Wednesday Apr 13, 2005 9:09 PM

so when I think about these terms chaos, creativity, imagination, I see them, it's like a three-stroke engine of some sort, each impells and runs the other, and sets up a reinforcing cycle, that then stabilizes organisms, processes that are caught up in this, in the phenomenon of being, the phenomenom of being is this self-synergizing engine... into the imagination, back into chaos, out into creativity, so forth and so on, and it operates on many levels simultaneously, so that the planet is undergoing a destiny, deep time, the time of geography, was only discovered around the turn of this century, and it is cosmically enobling to think of the universe as a thing of great age, but I think it is time to put in place next to the notion of deep cosmic time, the notion of chaotic sudden change. cusp-flux, and sudden perturbation, because what deep time has revealed, as we've pushed our understanding of the career of organic life...

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