put the decorations in the cellar

by phil on Sunday May 8, 2005 4:16 PM

stadium seating with recling chairs. popcorn with butter, sprite with ice. dessert wine. in a convertible. white leather. 78 degrees and palm trees in San Diego. sleeping-in till, over and over. warm shower over and over. haagen das vanilla and almond on a stick. poolside. skateboard, BMX. no noisy traffic on the street.

prune the trees, fix the plumbing, take the car to the dealer for a tune-up, withdraw money from the ATM. fill up the tank. pick-up the groceries. remove dead mice at the bottom of the pool. rearrange the couches. fix the quad-speaker system and plasma DVR combo. close the blinds, open the sliding door. operate the heater, replace the batteries in the smoke detector.

put the decorations in the cellar.

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