Alternative Society

by phil on Tuesday Aug 23, 2005 6:00 PM
wikipedia gem

Interesting paragraph on wikipedia's entry for Alternative society:

Mahatma Gandhi and his followers such as Satish Kumar advocate, as an alternative to violent revolution, the creation of alternative social services, alternative transportation systems, alternative food and clothing production, alternative housing, alternative medicine, alternative arts and alternative communications media including an alternative press. By recreating every facet of society and providing better services than the official ones the plan is that the people will flock to the alternative society and desert the establishment. Then the leaders of the establishment would follow. Thus change would be accomplished without violence.

Yeah! Let's do it!


needtoknow said on January 27, 2009 12:31 PM:

I Am amazed at the complexity of our current situation yet in awe how simple it has always been. The game changes and the drama of life continues till we see with our lucid eye open. At that moment out of time the center of the universe is at our own perspective and the busy world scrambles around us in perceived space. The pattern of the universe(one-sound) may not be conceptualized but experienced in full depth of it's eminent everything. The gyroscopic power in this state is very much the point and with the kind of understanding that everyone in this soup of love is just a reflection of the big and small, then we will know better then to take and not give. All people have within them the choice to give thanx to good or bad and in this way we use our part of the creative power to make the world happen how ever we want to see it, awake or asleep. We are part of the one sound made by the orchestra of all frequency of every thought. Thought is but life realized into existence and for thought to realize itself is magnificent, create as you WILL...realize the guise of reality.

Sergio said on April 24, 2009 6:36 AM:

I agree, this is how democracy should work, if the public changes, so should the elected authorities. I would say, for an alternative society, one must have the freedom to be different. Rather than campaigning against a silent majority to change the world, we can start a small community of people who feel the same way. If the new model is truely better, then it will spread, growing in popularity untill it is the new establishment.

For me, this starts with land and self reliance so that any new community is not reliant on the establishment for its survival.

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