What is "The Perfect Album"?

by phil on Sunday Aug 28, 2005 8:41 PM
personal projects

This month, the group blog Plastic asked its users what is their "Perfect Album." In four days, the question generated about four hundred posts. And the result? A total mess. However, there are many, many gems. I organized the discussion thread into a list of 775 "Perfect Albums." Read The Perfect Album, by Plastic users (the tally) to see the results.

The top choice was Radiohead's OK Computer with 13 write-ins. Next was Miles Davis Kind of Blue (9 write-ins), Radiohead Kid A (8), and The Beatles Abbey Road (8).

The list speaks volumes about the Plastic readership; draw your own conclusions. More than anything, it's a resource in case you ever run out of good music to listen to. Some new albums I've gotten into are Fela Kuti Shakara, Ali Farka Toure In The Heart of the Moon, and XTC Skylarking. Good stuff.

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