Determinism as a source of meaning

by phil on Wednesday Apr 5, 2006 7:36 PM

I wonder if I cling onto the concept of determinism as a source of meaning. That everything is the result of antecedent events, and that in spite of this mechanical nature to the universe, order and complexity arises, only implies that there is something special about the structure of the universe.

That I cling onto determinism doesn't mean that it's less of a truth. Determinism is The Way. indetermism makes no sense to me, even with quantum mechanics. Where else do decisions come from? out of nowhere?

The point of curiosity is "why do I cling to determism as a concept?" Other people don't even think about determinism/indeterminism

Oi, so much discussion about meaning, pursuit of passion etc. hopefully this is the last one for now because you always have to be worried when you're just focused on one topic in your head so single-mindedly

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