is now

by phil on Monday Apr 17, 2006 12:32 PM

I've renamed my site from to

The old domain name wrongly gave the impression that the site was about philosophy. While I did emphasize a new definition in distinction from philosophy, i.e. philo-sophistry (the love of rhetoric), the site wasn't completely an attempt to make a stand against traditional philosophical analysis.

I initially chose philosophistry as a domain name because it did represent me on a couple levels. I'm interested in philosophy, my name is Phil, and I would call my attitude toward thinking philosophistric rather than philosophical. Plus, it's trendy to have a vanity domain names based on a nickname, kind of like how rappers give themselves fake names. This nickname then takes on a life of its own.

However, in analyzing my blog, I think my aim is more to represent myself authentically. My blog and myself should be somewhat in synchrony. My blog should be a virtual corporeal of the flesh-based Philip Dhingra. A proper Avatar.

I also want to evolve this site furthur, and part of that evolution is experimentation. Changing the domain name is an attempt to see whether such change would elicit different approaches from me. Perhaps with the old domain name, philosophistry, I felt compelled to expound or build up capital into a newly forged meme. So maybe the new domain,, will open up different avenues, such as allowing me to be more personal and possibly less pretentious.

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